Light is the most important parameter in the design and construction of a photobioreactor. Despite its importance, light can be a very difficult input to measure for efficient use (Pirt et al. 1983, Kirk 1994, Ogbonna et al. 1995, Janssen et al. 2002).” (Behrens 2005)

The central issue involved in mass cultivation of photoautotrophic microalgae concerns effective use of light for photosynthetic productivity...” (Richmond 2013)

Delivering PURe Light™ for sustainable algae biofuels, high-value bio-products, and photochemical processing:

  • photosynthetic biomass

  • nutraceutical and pharmaceutical photochemistry

  • industrial photochemistry

  • photoremediation

At the heart of optimum PBR productivity is the efficient utilization of Photosynthetically Usable Radiation (PUR). Therefore, the Photon Utilization Efficiency (PUE) of a PBR is one of the most important (yet often under-appreciated) design characteristics that drive overall production performance.  BioPhotix Corporation specializes in producing PUR-efficient PBR designs.

BioPhotix PURe Light® management techniques enable the highest practical Photon Utilization Efficiency that is achievable for your overall PBR design.  If there is a weak point in your design, BioPhotix Corporation can pinpoint it via the Company’s advanced modeling techniques, thereby saving the time and expense of empirically-based trial and error prototyping.  BioPhotix can model alternative designs that will increase the PUE of your PBR and deliver often dramatic improvements in production system internal rate of return.



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