Solutions for optimal light utilization via PhotoBioReactor (PBR) research, analysis, and development

BioPhotix provides clients, all who implement closed-system PBR technologies, with value-enhanced opportunities to create pathways for renewable, highly efficient, and profitable biofuels energy production in order to satisfy the ever-increasing global energy demand.  Typical clients are often phycology, microbiology, and biochemistry professionals who seek to apply to their processes a greater depth of resources from the photonics, electro-optics, and pulsed power disciplines.  BioPhotix enables researchers and commercial producers to leverage the Company's considerable experience, knowledge, and technical expertise in the science and practical application of photoreactor design, including reactors for use in:

  • photosynthetic biomass production
  • biofuels processes requiring specific light requirements
  • industrial and pharmacutical photochemical processing
  • ultraviolet and visible light remediation processes, such as disinfection and contaminants photodissociation

The unique qualifications and capabilties of BioPhotix professional staff enables a highly-specialized service to and a valuable resource for clients, delivering a distinctive, measurable, and substantial impact upon their capabilities for optimizing:

  • site-specific design for local solar conditions
  • Photosynthetically Available/Active Radiation (PAR) and the Photosynthetic Utilization of Radiation (PUR)
  • frequency and time domain of light delivery
  • lifetime of pulsed LED and electric discharge lamps
  • effective quantum yield of Photosystem II (QYPSII) vs. cost as a function of pulse peak power, average power, duty cycle
  • photosynthetic and mixotrophic growth balance/enhancement
  • water resource utilization

In the highly competitive environment that has sourounded the rapidly developing markets for sustainable energy sources, time to market can be crucial.  The fast track can be unforgiving.  It seldom allows time and resources for iterative experimentation, costly mistakes, and "on the job" learning about the more arcane aspects of electro-optics and pulsed power technologies.  BioPhotix becomes an extension of our client's capabilities by thoroughly understanding their goals and needs, guiding them away from the quagmires, and contributing solid, high-integrity solutions that help them stay on their fast track to success.

As a consultant to industry, BioPhotix provides clients a unique and high-value resource for solving problems
that are specific to PhotoBioReactor (PBR) technologies, including:

  • PBR design optimization
  • PBR research, analysis, and development
  • Light delivery optimization: solar and synthetic sources (Continuous Wave and Pulsed)
  • Photo-biological interaction effects
  • LED electro-optic issues
  • Creating technology value through Intellectual Property (IP)

Our staff is comprised of respected and knowledgeable practitioners in the fields of:

  • Photoreactor kinetics & modeling
  • Solar, optics, & photonics modeling, analysis, & design
  • Pulsed light (LED and electric discharge) source design
  • Pulsed power development
  • Processes & product design
  • Research & development
  • Photoreactor ideation, invention, and IP development
  • PBR facility Capital Expense modeling