An Open Letter to Our Clients----

I am pleased and excited to announce that, after a nearly 3-year professional hiatus (beginning with 24/7 care during my late wife’s battle with cancer), I am now resuming my full-time position as BioPhotix Corporation CEO and Principal Engineer.  As our technologies, capabilities, markets, and related industries are maturing, BioPhotix Corporation has now an even more compelling suite of PURe Light™ value propositions for our partners who are intelligently positioning for success within their respective arenas.

I personally invite you to explore together how we might collaborate on your needs in the areas of PhotoBioReactor design, analysis, light management, efficiency-optimized light sources (solar, LED, and emerging Electro-Luminescent Device technology), water management, as well as IP development, product development and prototyping, and early-stage production preparation and out-sourcing.  Think of us as your PhotoBioReactor technologies “go-to” source.  In fact, If it appears (albeit unlikely) that we are not your best resource, we will try to recommend alternatives for your unique needs.

Meanwhile, I want to thank all of our clients and friends who have graciously understood and supported me throughout what was the most difficult time in my life, and when I was regretfully not able to adequately serve you in the manner you needed.  I extend my heartfelt and warm gratitude and appreciation to you, who make this all a worthwhile endeavor for me.  I am now fully, and with great excitement and anticipation, at your service. How might BioPhotix Corporation PURe Light™ technology be of help to you?


Bob Lantis    4/25/2016
CEO, BioPhotix Corporation
Asheville, NC USA 28801