BioPhotix Founder, President, and Principal Engineer, Bob Lantis contributes to our customers decades of progressive experience in R&D, product engineering, intellectual property/ideation development, and process management.  As project manager, Bob applies BioPhotix resources as appropriate to best provide the client company with the most effective solutions applicable to their unique needs.  These available resources span the range from a single "expert opinion" to out-sourced production prototyping:

• Hourly-based consultation: 
       -    via phone, web conference, on-site 
       -    Technical issues 
       -    Technology and IP Assessments 
       -    Expert Opinion

• Retainer-based consultation: priority on-call in a time-sensitive manner

• Project-based consultation: might also include additional
       -     in-house associates, such as scientific (research, optic, electro-optic, EE, mechanical engineering), designers, technicians, admin. support
       -     out-sourced contractors and/or suppliers, professional talent (as needed).

• Technology and/or Product Development Programs (all or partially -inclusive)

• Contract Manufacturing

• Intellectual Property Development Programs

Qualifications and experience: Bob Lantis, Principal Engineer, BioPhotix Corporation