PURe Lightâ„¢

Great PhotoBioReactors require great light sources, electro-optics, and optical designs for efficient light utilization

Large-scale commercial deployment of biofuels production plants is currently in the nascent stage, from which only a fraction of the current participants will emerge successful.  Those who do compete successfully will embody the highest integrity technologies with methods that enable the very highest value products, created with the industry's highest net process energy efficiencies. 

Within the competitive environment that surrounds the rapidly developing markets for sustainable energy sources, time to market can be crucial.  The fast track can be unforgiving.  It seldom allows time and resources for iterative experimentation, costly mistakes, and "on the job" learning about the more arcane aspects of electro-optics and pulsed power technologies.  BioPhotix can become an extension of your capabilities by:

  • thoroughly understanding your goals and needs
  • steering you away from the quagmires
  • contributing solid, high-integrity, and high-value solutions
  • measurably improving your process efficacy, yields, and efficiency
  • help you stay on your fast track towards success

Leverage the potency of your company's PBR technology by exploiting the highly-specialized photoreactor expertise of BioPhotix professional staff, which is comprised of decades of photoreactor experience in:

  • Photoreactor kinetics & modeling
  • Solar site-specific modeling and analysis PBR Photon Utilization Efficiency
  • Optics & photonics modeling, analysis, & design
  • Pulsed light (LED and electric discharge) source design
  • Pulsed power development
  • Processes & product design
  • Research & development
  • Photoreactor ideation, invention, and IP development
  • PBR facility Capital Expense modeling