Great PhotoBioReactor-based processes require sound strategies

BioPhotix serves clients across the entire range of photonics issues for PBRs, from single-issue calculations to
process integration strategies and IP, including:

Solar site-specific performance issues:

  • Modeling seasonal, daily, hourly solar irradiance
  • IR and action-spectra photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)
  • PBR loading effects
  • Analysis of light management issues
  • Development of optimum light management strategies
  • PBR facility Capital Expense modeling

Photo-biological effects:

  • Photopic Luminous Efficiency VM(l) and light sources
  • Photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)
  • Photosystem II photo-inhibition
  • PPF under/over -saturation range(s)
  • Peak power vs. average power photon delivery
  • Organism-specific action spectra optimization for PUR

Electro-optic issues of LED sources:

  • Energy efficiencies
  • Wavelength(s)
  • DC vs. Pulsed operation
  • Output power enhancement via pulsed operation
  • Pulsed time domain optimization
  • LED cooling strategies
  • Choice of LED output and ā€œnā€ devices per PBR

PBR design optimization:

  • Solar distribution for performance enhancement
  • LED distribution for performance enhancement
  • Reactor physical arrangement
  • Optics modeling for light distribution management
  • Photosynthetic utilization kinetics and modeling
  • Energy resources utilization and integration
  • Microalgae harvest strategies
  • Water resource utilization 
  • Production plant ancillary processes integration strategies

Creating technology value through Intellectual Property (IP):

  • Proprietary trade secrets vs. public IP strategies
  • Research on legal viability of technology
  • Evaluation of and/or development of opportunities for exploitation
  • Enhanced IP development via Ideation-TRIZ capabilities